Parker Pony Rod Seal

Patented Dual Functioning One-Piece Design and Resilon® Polyurethane

Enables longer continuous pumping time by sealing lubricating fluid in — and contaminants out

Parker Pony Rod Seal

Patented Design

  • Dual-function, single-seal design that replaces traditional two seal arrangements
  • Chamfered metal can makes installation easy
  • High-contact force sealing lip design coupled with compression set resistant Resilon seal material retains lubricating oil in the power end, eliminating necessity of shut down to add fluid
  • Low drag excluder lip keeps contaminants out of hydraulic fluid
  • Tough, wear-resistant Resilon polyurethane material resists compression set to maximize sealing performance and exclude debris

High Performance Resilon Polyurethane Material

One of the challenges oil and gas companies face is sustaining seal life in challenging applications. Parker’s proprietary Resilon® material offers superior wear resistance and the highest operating temperature on the market to ensure performance and reduce downtime due to seal failure.

Advantages of Resilon polyurethane over all other commercially available polyurethane seal materials include:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance for increased seal life
  • Better rebound for faster reaction to rapid changes in pressure
  • Toughness for long wearing performance
  • Resistance to extrusion at higher pressures
  • Thermal suitability for use in applications with continuous operation temperature of 230°F (excursion temperatures up to 275°F) depending on application*

*Values listed are typical values and should not be used as specification limits. Parker advises end-users to test material under actual service conditions before specifying.

Parker Pony Rod Seal FEA

Polyurthane Physical Properties