Crown Bumper Systems

Crown Bumper Systems
Sealing Functions
  • Patented energy management system
  • Reduces down time
  • Reduces damage
  • Easy to install
Typical Seals

Crown Bumper Pad

  • Reduction of damage caused by metal-to-metal collisions or metal-to-wooden bumper collisions
  • Reduction of down time resulting from welding repair or wooden bumper replacement
  • Absorb up to 60% of the kinetic energy created by a post breaking bump of the crown by the traveling blocks
  • Tested to withstand a 25,000 lb. “bump” at 3.68 ft./sec. with no permanent deflection
  • It was also tested to withstand a 56,000 lb. “bump” at 2.94 ft./sec. with only 1/8” permanent deflection
  • Extended life bumper pads require no maintenance
  • Special low temperature compound available for Arctic applications

Oil & Gas Seal Materials
Material Selection

Crown Bumper Pad Diagram

Crown Bumper Pad

Other Surface Drilling Applications