Parker Gask-O-Seals®

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Parker Gask-O-Seals

Gask-O-Seals® are metal, plastic, or composite retainers with a machined groove in the retainer plate into which a custom engineered rubber element is molded. The elastomer seal may be mechanically and/or chemically bonded to create a dependable, responsive seal for flat or curved surfaces. Gask-O-Seals are typically used in applications requiring extreme reliability, longevity, and durability.

Gask-O-Seal® Features and Benefits:
  • Sealing element molded precisely in place with controlled void-volume ratio and squeeze for optimum sealing
  • Limited area of seal exposed to fluid/ chemical attack
  • Multiple-port and complex shapes sealing capability
  • Reduced number of sealing parts and installation time
  • Visually detectable after assembly, eliminating the possibility of errors and omissions
  • No retorquing required, metal-to-metal contact ensures positive closure and optimum bolt loading
  • Segmented seal designs available for extremely large sizes and simplified packaging and shipping
  • Reusability is possible, consistent with the overall condition of the seal after service
  • Eliminates the need for machined grooves
About Gask-O-Seals®

The Parker Gask-O-Seal®, now more than 55 years old, enjoys a leading role as a world-class sealing concept. Profoundly simple, yet enviably reliable, a uniquely designed elastomeric element is molded directly into groove(s) to produce an integrated sealing solution for a virtually endless array of challenging static face type applications. Under pressure of assembly, the rubber compound is deformed from a round configuration to a square or oblong shape as shown in the figure. By predetermining and manufacturing the proper ratio between the volume of the molded-in voids and the volume of the crown, controlled confinement is obtained. The Gask-O-Seal is designed so that the elastomer is deformed against the faying surfaces, affecting the seal by the inherent “memory” or resiliency of the elastomer as it tries to return to its original molded shape. There are many features and benefits that come with Gask-O-Seal design in static face seal applications.