Contract Assembly Services

Assembly Services and Expertise for Better ROA

Sub-assemblies are costly when assembly line productivity is your focus. They require additional labor, tooling, inventory, floor space, and administrative costs that eat into your bottom line. Sub-assemblies can also be a source of costly warranty claims due to the offline or secondary nature of these assembly processes.

When you contract assembly with ESP, quality drives our process – from PFMEA to PPAP. Dedicated, specifically engineered, Poka Yoke assembly stations are used for each assembly. Our focus on quality reduces your warranty claims, reduces costs and enhances your brand.

We can also manage your suppliers and consolidate freight costs to reduce your procurement and administrative costs. ESP will manage the sub-components and JIT deliver a single part number, reducing your inventory and carrying costs.

Feed quality assemblies into your line, take costly non-value-add sub-assemblies off your factory floor, and streamline your SCMG and inventory with contract assembly from ESP.

We excel at producing assemblies with technical quality requirements:

  • End-of-process leak testing
  • End-of-process mechanical testing
  • In-process torque verification (DC torque gun integration w/PLC)
  • Traceability including end-of- process barcoding
  • Critical assemblies requiring Level 1 Poka Yoke (virtually error proof; engine sub-assemblies)
  • Versatile assembly capabilities, including semi- or fully-automated assembly stations for high volume production