Silicone (VMQ) O-Rings

Temperature Range:

-85°F (-65°C) to 400°F (204°C)

Silicone (VMQ) Molecular Structure

Hardness (Shore A) Range:

20 to 80

Also Known As:

Silastic®, Siloprene®, Rhodorsil®, Silplus®





Shelf Life:



Silicones are elastomers made from silicone, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Silicones are used in the medical and food industry because they do not have any odor or taste.


Resistant to oxygen, ozone, UV light, mineral and vegetable oils, diluted salt solutions, engine and transmission oil, brake fluids (non petroleum base), fire resistant hydraulic fluid, high molecular weight chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons. Good flexibility and compression set.


Cannot be used in acids, EP fluids, fuels, gear oils, ketones and benzene. Should not be used in dynamic applications due to it’s low tensile strength, poor wear and tear strength.

Silicone (VMQ) Parker Compounds
Compound #: Recommended For: Temperature Range: Color:
S0469-40 AMS 3301 -75°F to 400°F Rust
S0802-40 FDA -60°F to 400°F White
S0595-50 AMS 3302 -70°F to 400°F Rust
S0899-50 ZZ-R-765 CL 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, GR 50 -103°F to 400°F Rust
SA150-50 Low Organic Extractibles -65°F to 400°F Trans
S0317-60 FDA, USDA, USP CL VI -103°F to 400°F Rust
S0613-60 ZZ-R-765 Cl 2b, Gr 60, AMS 3303 -60°F to 450°F Rust
S0383-70 ZZ-R-765 Cl 1a, 1b, Gr 70, AMS 3337 -175°F to 400°F Rust
S0455-70 High Temperature -65°F to 450/500°F Rust
S0604-70 ZZ-R-765 Cl 2a, 2b, Gr 70, AMS 3304, AMS 3357, MIL-G-21569 -65°F to 450°F Rust
S1138-70 FDA -60°F to 400°F Rust
S1224-70 ZZ-R-765 Cl 2a, 2b, Gr 70, AMS 3304, AMS 3357, MIL-G-21569 -65°F to 450°F Rust
SM355-75 AMS 7267, FDA, USDA -65°F to 450°F Rust
S0614-80 ZZ-R-765 Cl 2a, 2b, Gr 80, AMS 3305 -65°F to 450°F Rust