HS Series Silicone Hose

Custom Silicone Tubing

Tier IV solutions to move air and coolant

ESP International’s HS Series provides high quality, cost-effective silicone to meet the challenges of increased compartmental temperature of Off Road and Heavy Duty diesel markets.

Silicone Heater Hose

  • SAE J20R Compliant
  • Utilized in coolant systems
  • Aramid reinforcement is an option


Silicone Knit Hose Process

SAE J20R4 compliant designed with Aramid reinforcement for elevated high temp and ambient compartmental temps. Also, Design may be suitable for Turbo applications


High Temperature Turbo Hump

Hot side turbo and coolant


Dual Purpose Silicone Hump Hose

Cold side turbo and coolant


Straight Hose Fabrication

Complies with SAE J20R1 and Aramid design will comply with SAE J20R1 HT, and SAE J2140 Air Aspiration Spec.


The Society of Automotive Engineers, “SAE”, provides the global compliance required to complement the Engine and Transportation markets.

  • SAE J20 R1 – 4 Ply coolant hose in every configuration
  • SAE J20 R2 – Wire embedded construction in 2,3, and 4 ply reinforcement
  • SAE J20 R3 – Extruded 1 ply silicone heater hose, with Knit or Braided reinforcement
  • SAE J20 R4 – Extruded Knit design, normal service requirements
  • SAE J2140 – Air Induction Specification