Perfluoroelastomer (Ultra™) O-Rings

Temperature Range:

-13°F (-25°C) to 600°F (316°C)

Hardness (Shore A) Range:

65 to 90

Also Known As:

Parofluor™ Parofluor ULTRA™, Perlast®, Kalrez®, Chemraz®





Shelf Life:



Perfluoroelastomer is carbon-fluorine bond with one of the best thermal, oxidative and chemical stability of fluorinated polymers.


High reliability for dynamic and static applications and stability for aggressive media. Excellent chemical and thermal resistance due to the combination of between the carbon-atom and fluorine-atom.


Poor low temperature performance.

Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene (AFLAS) Parker Compounds
Compound #: Recommended For: Temperature Range: Color:
FF374-60 Low Particle, Generation, Low Metal Ion Content 5°F to 608°F Purple
FF354-65 Low Closure Force 5°F to 608°F White
FF102-75 Acid Resistant, General Purpose 5°F to 525°F Black
FF106-75 General Purpose, Low Cost 5°F to 500°F Black
FF200-75 Low Comp Set, AMS7257, FDA 5°F to 608°F Black
FF302-75 Etch Resistant, Low Metal Ions 5°F to 608°F Brown
FF350-75 Plasma, High urity, FDA, USP Class VI 5°F to 608°F White
FF352-75 General Purpose, Etch Resistant 5°F to 608°F White
FF370-75 Low Particle Generation, Low Metal Ion Content 5°F to 608°F Black
FF400-75 Extreme Low Temperature -40°F to 500°F Black
FF500-75 Broad Chemical Resistance, FDA 5°F to 550°F Black
FF580-75 Steam/Amine/Base Resistant, USP Class VI 5°F to 525°F Black
V8545-75 FDA, General Purpose 5°F to 572°F Black
FF376-80 Low Particle Generation, Low Metal Ion Content 5°F to 608°F Black
FF202-90 Low Compression Set, Extrusion Resistant Pressure 5°F to 608°F Black
FF582-90 Pressure 5°F to 525°F Black
V8581-90 Plasma Etch Resistant, Low Stiction 5°F to 550°F White
V8588-90 Extrusion & RGD Resistant 5°F to 572°F Black