FL Series Exclusion Seal

FL Series Seal
Exclusion Seal for Pivot Joint Applications

The patented FL Series Seal™ offers a unique exclusion design that accommodates for production and application seal gap variability.

How it works: The FL Series Seal™ installs onto a chamfer with a specifically engineered angle and length. As the seal gap changes during use, the FL Seal slides up and down the chamfer, maintaining constant contact with the sealing face.

Typical pivot pin applications utilize a standard pin or wiper seal to keep dirt out of the bearing or bushing. These standard pin seals will seal on the outer diameter of the pin, but as the seal lip wears, leakage can occur. The FL Seal self-adjusts as the lip wears, extending the life of the seal itself. This ensures that the FL Seal will out-perform a standard pin seal.

Easy replacement in the field: Replacement of a pin seal involves removing the main pin on the machine before the seal can be removed and a new seal can be pressed in place. This can be difficult and time-consuming, especially on large pieces of equipment. The FL Seal incorporates a split feature that allows the end customer to replace a worn seal without disassembly of the main pin. Additionally, the FL Seal can be installed as a stand-alone piece or used in conjunction with a standard pin seal, further extending the life of the bearing and extending the life of the product

The FL Series Seal™ Design Features:
  • Self-Adjusting Sealing Pressure – As the seal slides up and down the chamfer, it maintains a consistent sealing force even as the seal wears, extending life.
  • High-Grade Urethane – The FL Seal utilizes a specifically engineered material with high wear resistance and resiliency.
  • Field Replacement – At times, exclusion seals get damaged or cut in the field and need to be replaced. No need to remove the pivot joint pin with this seal design, the FL Seal incorporates a split feature that allows the user to replace the seal without disassembly of the joint.
  • No Special Tools Required – The primary reason the FL Seal design works is that it is stretched into place. The force required can be substantial, but once again the ESP Engineering team had a solution. Every seal kit is shipped with a breakaway bolt that the user breaks off after tightening the tabs together with a standard wrench.