ESP High Deflection Pinion Seal for Frac Pumps

ESP's Frac Pump Pinion Seal Is Designed To Prevent Power End Pinion Seal Leakage

Engineered Seal Products' NEW high deflection pinon seal prevents leaks for the life of your frac pump power end.

Our specific engineering focus on frac pump consumables stems from the pain of of the oil and gas completions market. Unplanned repairs and downtime cost unnecessary loss of performance and productivity.

Frac Pump High Deflection Pinion
Frac Pump Pinion Seal Cross Section

High-Deflection Pinion Seal Features

High-Speed / High-Runout
Capable 4-1/2" rotary shaft seal designed specifically for frac pump pinion sealing.

High-Tear Strength NBR Bellow
For extended seal life under extreme runout conditions.

Steel Garter Spring
For even seal loads with hydrodynamic aids molded into the sealing lip.

Bore-Coated Steel Outer Shell (Can)
For ease of installation & superior bore sealing.

PEEK Centralizer
To guide sealing lip under extreme runout conditions.