Parker ProTech Bearing Isolator

A Solution for the Toughest Applications

ProTech™ Bearing Isolators offer superior protection even in harsh operating environments such a food & paper processing & in gearbox applications.

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Parker ProTech Bearing Isolators

Unitized Two-Piece, Dynamic Seals

Parker developed the unique ProTechTM design to provide unmatched two-way sealing for zero lubricant leakage & total exclusion of contaminants. This is accomplished by using non-contact labyrinth seal technology. ProTechTM features the most effective labyrinth design for both dirt exclusion & oil retention & is far superior to isolators that rely on internal o-rings or other internal seals.

Unmatched Corrosion Resistance

  • Advanced proprietary PTFE compounds mean ProTech™ is well suited for caustic environments such as citric acids found in juice processing & strong sulfides in pulp & paper processing.
  • ProTech’s superior chemical resistance allows for the standardization of a single material within a plant, eliminating the need to stock duplicate sizes in expensive stainless steel, Hastelloy® or other exotic materials. PTFE iscompatible with over 160 chemicals.

Ultimate Gearbox Performance

  • ProTech™ 360 is a hybrid design that incorporates an outboard labyrinth for contaminant exclusion & PTFE lip for positive oil retention, even in vertical down applications, making it suitable for demanding gearbox applications
  • Upgrading gearboxes that drive cooling tower fans with the ProTech™ 360 design on the input shaft & the ProTech™ LX design (LW without drain port) for the vertical up location is becoming the industry standard for preventing failure due to moisture intrusion.

Solutions For Food Processing Applications

ProTech™’s WD is an economical profile for high volume, disposable equipment such as wash down grade motors & drives. It also greatly reduces maintenance costs & down time in poultry processing applications such as picker hubs. Anti-microbial & FDA materials are readily available.

Prefer A Metallic Isolator?

Parker’s Millennium® bearing isolator is based on patented labyrinth seal technology & robust non-contact isolator needs no internal o-ring seal to exclude heavy water spray. No internal seal means zero wear & longer life. Severe oil splash retention grooves, unitized cartridge design & tool-free installation are also standard features.

Upgrade From Standard Lip Seals

Bearing isolators are an upgrade from standard lip seals, however when one considers the total cost of the sealing system over the total life span, it is well worth it for key equipment such as pumps, motors, gear boxes, & split pillow blocks. The cost of downtime in today’s manufacturing environment has been the primary driver behind companies’ decisions to convert from lip seals to bearing isolator-type seals. Standard lip seals have a typical life of 3,000 to 5,000 hours. With true non-contact ProTechTM designs there is nothing to wear out. With a bearing isolator solution, the seal is no longer the limiting factor for the bearings reaching the basic life rating stated by bearing manufacturers (L10 rating).

Cost Savings Realized By

  • Less unplanned downtime
  • Lower maintenance expenses with fewer rebuilds
  • Lower torque consumption which results in lower energy usage
  • In some cases, the energy savings alone offsets upgrade costs

ProTechTM Seal Design

Features Benefits
Non-Contact Design
  • Virtually no torque consumption
  • Will not wear or groove shafts
Two-Piece Unitized Construction
  • Complete exclusion of dust & water
  • Zero oil leakage
  • Fewer components & ease of installation
Accommodates Greatest Axial Movement
  • Reduces a major factor causing labyrinth seal leakage
Fluoroelastomer O-rings
  • Static elastomer seal for the most severe services
No Lubrication Required
  • Can run dry because of non-contact design
High Shaft Speeds
  • Operates far beyond shaft speed limits of standard radial lip seals
  • Liberal specifications for shaft & bore finish result in low shaft cost
Precision-Machined Seal
  • Allows retrofit of most bore & shaft combinations
  • No tooling charges

Extreme Test Results

Expulsion Method:
Design Type:
2-Pc. Unitized
2-Pc. Non-Unitized
Brand A
3-Pc. Unitized
Brand B
3-Pc. Unitized
Brand C
Water Pressure Test PASS FAIL FAIL FAIL
  • Oil leakage test: ProTechTM & other seals were subjected to critical oil seal testing using a machine built to SAE J110 standards. One-hundred hour tests were conducted with severe oil splash.
  • Water exclusion test: The test machine was modified by mounting five nozzles at various positions relative to the exterior of the seal to simulate severe external wash down. Using water at pressures of 30 to 62 psi, these nozzles individually sprayed each seal from a distance of 3" in both a static mode & while the shaft rotated at various speeds up to 3525 rpm. The nozzles tried to force water past the seal for nearly two hours.
  • Dust exclusion test: The test machine was modified with an enclosed chamber containing a large quantity of fine dust and sand which was vigorously agitated with the chamber attached to the outside of each seal area. The equipment operated at speeds up to 3525 rpm for a period of 70 hours in an environment that was literally a dense dust storm.
ProTech LW

ProTech 360
ProTech™ 360

The first & only hybrid isolator designed for flooded oil & oil mist applications. Used by numerous gearbox OEMs as standard equipment, the ProTech™ 360 features internal dual PTFE lips on an internal SS sleeve for zero shaft wear.

ProTech Millennium
ProTech™ Millennium

The first & only metallic isolator that is unitized without internal o-rings or locking rings. Millennium’s patented labyrinth technology does not rely on a simple o-ring for bearing protection.

Standard Designs

LS Flanges
LN Non-Flanged
LB Pillow Block
LW Flanged
WD Narrow
SL Split
ML Flanged Millennium
FS 360 Flanged
FN 360 Non-Flanged
LD Multi Port
LM Step Shaft

Custom Designs

Split Air Purge
Grease Purge