Radial Shaft Seal Design Services

Radial shaft seals are typically used to seal a rotating shaft to a stationary bore. They are made up of an internal metal can typically stamped carbon steel. And a molded elastomer exterior or sealing lip that provides both dynamic and static sealing.

There are many choices for sealing lip geometry and metal can configurations, each configuration is suited for a specific application. Choosing the seal design should be based on the application information for the area that needs to be sealed. Some of the main factors that dictate seal design are fluid type, application temperature, shaft speed, application pressure and exposure level to contaminants. If you have a specific application in mind fill out the Radial Shaft Seal Parameter Sheet and forward it onto one of our application engineers. For more information on radial shaft seals, consult our Radial Shaft Seal Handbook. And if you have an application that may require lab testing, check out our listing of Seal Test Equipment.

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