Custom Seal & Gasket Fabrication

Gasket Fabrication

Industrial Seals & Gaskets

Our gaskets keep fluids and gas in – while driving costs out of your fabrication needs.

Why choose ESP?

We understand our customers and the world they live in. ESP has over 40 years of experience in the gasket and fabrication market. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot from listening to customers, understanding their needs and then delivering solutions through our state-of-the-art engineering process. We can provide both products and services to meet any application and exceed their competitive needs.

We lead with engineering. Our broad expertise in the seal industry allows us keen insight into materials selection, CAD file exchange, FEA and Fuji analysis.

Manufacturing ROI. Everything we do, and at every step along the way – from prototyping to production to packaging – is done to deliver the highest value while assuring our customer’s bottom line.

On time. On target. With a near perfect on-time delivery history,

we provide the right solution at the right time. This commitment is made good by our ability to respond and react to market spikes and special needs.

ESP Fabrication and Gaskets Features:

  • Superior Quality & Reliability – Each material is manufactured to the highest standards using varied processes and compounds.
  • Targeted To Meet A Diverse Range of Performance and Engineering Solutions – ESP has expertise in a broad range of materials to meet every application, while satisfying demanding cost limitations.
  • Meeting Today’s Equipment Requirements – Newer, more powerful engines and other equipment have become lighter and may run hotter. Our products meet requirements for various sealing applications in:
  • Diesel and Gasoline Engines
  • Vehicle Drivelines
  • Gaskets in Power Equipment, Generators, Pumps & Compressors.
  • Fast Turnaround – with an on-time history of 99.9%, ESP has the experience and expertise to make sure you get the right solution at the right time.
  • Materials Expertise
    • Synthetic & Natural Rubber
    • Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet
    • Beater Addition
    • Cork
    • Metal Core
    • PTFE
    • Flexible Graphite
    • Aramid Fiber