100% Employee-Ownership

“With ownership comes the challenge to each employee to get engaged in what they do at a high level. I want people to take responsibility for the company, since they own a piece of it and benefit from the success they helped create.” – Jeff Hamilton, CEO

Employee-Ownership Culture

In 1999, through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), ESP International was sold to its employees. In an ESOP, employees receive shares of the company — not any outside investor. By 2012, employees owned 100% of the company.

What Does That Mean For You - The Customer?

You get our best, each and every day.

We answer to you and ourselves rather than outside shareholders.

All 200+ of ESP’s employee-owners are committed to providing the best service and striving for the best results for our customers – not only because of each person’s individual stake in the company but because we all truly believe in our company, in our culture.

What Does That Mean For Our Employees?

Employee-ownership does not automatically create a remarkable culture. Ownership is a remarkable centerpiece but requires everyday nurturing to help build and maintain a culture where employee-owners understand their value.

When we empower owners to step up, make their own decisions & pave their own path to success, we reinforce their value in the workplace.

This empowerment results in employee-owners taking full ownership of:

Their Company
Their Company
Their Community
Their Community

Gazette ESP

Why We Love Employee-Ownership!
Every October, employee-owned companies nationwide celebrate and reflect on the benefits of employee ownership.

What are the benefits?
The Gazette recently published a special insert that describes the rewards of employee-ownership for the Company and especially how it impacts the lives of employee-owners, their families, and their communities.

ESP is honored to be part of that special issue.

For the full article visit: https://www.thegazette.com/special-sections/esoptober-month-2021/

ESOP's in the US
Economic Power of Employee Ownership


Are there other companies that have an ESOP?

Yes, there are about 10,900 ESOP plans employing more than 13 million U.S. employees. ESOP companies are diverse; there are ESOPs in almost every industry, and they range from just a few employees to over 150,000.

Do employees have to contribute anything to the ESOP?

No, the ESOP is an employer-sponsored benefit plan that is funded entirely by contributions from the company.

How and when is the value of the shares determined?

Each year, a valuation must be performed by an independent appraiser to determine the Fair Market Value of the stock. The key valuation drivers include the Company itself (history, character, talent, and philosophy), the Company’s financial performance and forecast, the competitive marketplace, and the general economy and capital markets.

To learn more about ESOP companies, please visit The ESOP Association and the National Center for Employee Ownership websites.