Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) O-Rings

Temperature Range:

-75°F (-59°C) to 400°F (204°C)

Hardness (Shore A) Range:

40 to 80

Also Known As:

Silastic LS®, FSE®





Shelf Life:



Fluorosilicones are used widely in jet fuel applications and where the dry-heat resistance of silicone is required.


Excellent resistance to petroleum oils and hydrocarbon fuels as well as diester base lubricants (up to 175°C).


Compared to silicone, it has a poor hot air resistance, and poor physical characteristics restricting its use with dynamic applications.

Parker Ethylene Propylene Compounds
Compound #: Recommended For: Temperature Range: Color:
LM151-50 (11645) General Purpose -100°F to 350°F Blue
LM158-60 AMS-R-25988, TY 1, CL 1, GR 60, AMS 3325 -100°F to 350°F Blue
LA163-70 General Purpose -100°F to 350°F Green
LM100-70 MIL-DTL-25988, TY1, CL 1, Gr 70, UL Listed -100°F to 350°F Blue
LM159-70 MIL-DTL-25988, TY 1, CL 1, GR 70 -100°F to 350°F Blue
L1120-70 MIL-DTL-25988, TY I, -CL I, GR 70, UL listed -100°F to 350°F Blue
L1077-75 MIL-DTL-25988,TY I, CL III, GR 75 -90°F to 350°F Blue
40713-75 Automotive Fuel Quick - Disconnects -90°F to 350°F Yellow
LM160-80 MIL-DTL-25988, TY 1, CL 1, GR 80 -90°F to 350°F Blue
L1186-80 PTFE Loaded -85°F to 350°F Rust