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What Are Vulcanized O-Rings?

Vulcanized o-rings are cut and bonded from a spool of extruded cord stock. A bonding agent is applied to the cut ends, heated at the appropriate temperature and time, forming a strong molecular bond at the joint.

Vulcanized O-Ring

Vulcanized O-Rings Compared to Compression or Injection Molded O-Rings

Vulcanized O-rings Are Great For:
  • Non-standard dimensions
  • Small quantities
  • Rush orders
Vulcanized O-Rings Not Recommended For:
  • Dynamic applications
  • Large quantities as it may be less cost-effective

What O-Ring Materials Can Be Vulcanized?

Any standard o-ring material or compound can be vulcanized. We currently stock general Nitrile (NBR) and Fluorocarbon (FKM, Viton).