Hydraulic Cylinder Sealing Solutions

Hydraulic Cylinder Sealing Solutions
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Anywhere & Everywhere Fluid Power Is Used To Create Motion.

Hydraulic cylinders perform work transmitting power into motion in a bevy of different situations, applications, and markets. They provide high force in a small package and are working to create motion almost everywhere. The design, size, seal package, and component materials vary according to the pressure, temperature, cycle requirements, and multiple other requirements of the application.

Hydraulic seals are crucial to the safety, performance, and efficiency of a functioning cylinder. They can prevent internal and external leakage or bypass of the hydraulic fluid, keep outside contamination particles and debris from entering the cylinder, perform in static or dynamic applications, and even eliminate any metal-to-metal contact of different cylinder components.

To maximize performance and avoid failures, hydraulic seals must be selected according to your application’s needs. Some of the variables to consider are:

  • Compatibility to water, various oils, or exposure to chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Ability to withstand extremely high pressure, pressure spikes or rapid changes in direction of pressure
  • High and/or low temperature either environmentally or created within the system
  • High speed or dithering applications
  • Sound generation – reduction in "howling"
  • Side loaded applications
  • Cushion effects at either end of stroke
  • Work environment contamination such as abrasive particles, dirt/mud, ice, etc. that can be in contact with the exposed cylinder rod

Hydraulic seals are offered in a very wide variety of profiles and materials to meet the needs of this extremely demanding market. It is of the utmost importance, however, that the right combination is used. Each seal is equally as important as the weakest link will cause the chain to fail. The exact material, size, and profile, working in unison must be designed to create the optimal efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder.

The advantage of working with ESP begins with our engineering expertise, global connections, and attention to detail. Backed by over 150 years of hydraulics expertise on staff, ESP delivers a wide range of sealing products, services, and connections with expert supplier partners – achieving the best solution no matter the situation, application, and requirements of your hydraulic cylinder.

OEM Benefits:
  • Optimal Sealing Solutions
  • Reduced Warranty Claims
  • Access To ESP Applications Engineering Support & Partner Supplier Network
  • Simplified Assembly & Vendor Management
  • Assistance With Standardization & Optimization Of Groove Sizes & Gland Machining Operations
  • Expert Assistance In Finding Upgrades Or Substitutions That Will Work Within Existing Hardware Dimensions
  • Expert assistance in finding upgrades or substitutions that will work within existing hardware dimensions
End-user Benefits:
  • Cylinders That Get The Job Done Right For Your Customer Based On Unique Requirements Of Their Equipment
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Longer Equipment Service Life
  • Machines With Higher Work Capacity
  • Break-away friction
  • Smooth startup
Common Hydraulic Cylinder Designs

Single-acting or Ram Hydraulic Cylinders
Double-acting Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Accumulators

Common Hydraulic Cylinder Construction Types

Tie-rod Cylinders
Welded Cylinders
Telescopic Cylinders
Mill-type Cylinders
Double Ended or Steering Cylinders
Custom or Specialty Cylinders

Common Hydraulic Cylinder Retention Methods

Internal Threaded Head
External Threaded Cap
Wire ring retained
Snap ring retained

Industries Relying On Hydraulic Cylinders

Aerospace & Defense
Material Handling
Oil & Gas
Others (food processing, medical, and waste management)
Anywhere and everywhere fluid power is used to create motion

Hydraulic Cylinder Sealing Products

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals
Hydraulic Accumulators


O-rings are one of the most common seals used in hydraulic cylinders. There are several factors to consider when choosing o-rings for hydraulic cylinders, including the type of fluid used, the operating temperature, and the operating pressure. O-rings help to keep the cylinders running smoothly and prevent costly repairs.

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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

Obviously, hydraulic seals play a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of hydraulic cylinders. ESP offers a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic; rod, piston, symmetrical, and wiper seal profiles and o-rings to meet the broad demands of the fluid power industry.

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Hydraulic Accumulators

Paired well with hydraulic cylinders are hydraulic accumulators. When used together, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic accumulators can provide several benefits. For example, they can help to improve the efficiency of hydraulic systems, and they can also help to protect hydraulic systems from damage.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Vale-Add Services

Vendor Managed Inventory


Seal engineering for the agricultural industry is a complex and specialized field. Seal engineering for agriculture products can be especially challenging, as these products are often exposed to harsh environments and extreme conditions. The seals must be able to withstand these conditions and still perform their function of preventing fluids from leaking out and contamination from entering the system. ESP engineers work closely with agriculture OEMs to ensure that seals are compatible, can be easily installed and maintained, and perform their function reliably and efficiently.

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Sub-assemblies for agricultural applications are costly when assembly line productivity is your focus. They require additional labor, tooling, inventory, floor space, and administrative costs that affect your bottom line. Quality drives our process when you contract assembly with ESP – from PFMEA to PPAP. Dedicated, specifically engineered assembly stations are used for each assembly. Our focus on quality reduces your warranty claims and costs and enhances your brand.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) is a strategy in which ESP takes responsibility for managing your seal inventory. This includes forecasting demand, ordering products, and stocking. VMI can be a beneficial strategy for agriculture product manufacturers because it can help to improve efficiency, reduce vendors, eliminate POs, and streamline operations. ESP will tailor an inventory management program to suit your needs and give you peace of mind that the components you need are where you want them when you need them.

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For many agricultural manufacturing operations, kitting can be a time-consuming, cost-eating necessity. ESP offers aftermarket, production, maintenance, and assembly kitting that are effectively and high-quality produced and shipped to your requirements as specified. Kits can be assembled with parts, sub-assemblies, instruction manuals, letterhead, return address, or most any custom requirements and sent directly to your end customer, transparent to your end user.

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