Tested & Proven Oil & Gas Sealing Materials

Material Type Min Max
Nitriles (Buna-N, NBR) -35°F +275°F
N4400A75, N4180A80, N9643A90 / N9589A80. Excellent compression set resistance, peroxide cure, API 11D1 for packer elements. Applications: Petroleum lubricants, sea water and diesel fuel.
Hydrogenated Nitriles (HNBR) -40°F +300°F
N4031A85 (EPS) / KA183A85 (ORD), N4035A80, N4025A80, N4007A95, N4288A85, RH1170A90. NORSOK M-710 Certified for H2S and sweet service. Excellent low temperature capability, extrusion resistant, abrasion resistant, compression set resistant, NACE TM0 192-2003 Standard. Applications: High abrasion, high temperature and low temperature resistance. Good in Flex Fuels MTBE.
Ethylene Propylene (EPDM, EPR) -60°F +500°F
E0962A90. Developed for steam service. Geothermal, high temperature, high pressure steam (intermittent to 550°F), resistant to CO2, H2S, methanol, glycols and explosive decompression.
Nitroxile® (Carboxilated Nitrile) -20°F +275°F
N4263A90, N4257A80, N4274A85. Excellent abrasion resistance. Internally lubricated for lower friction, Extreme low friction, Applications: Petroleum lubricants, seawater and diesel fuel.
Fluorocarbon (FKM) -15°F +400°F
V4205A75, V1238A95, V4208A90, RV1121A90, VG109A90, V4266A95. Various general-purpose fluorocarbons including NORSOK M-710 certified V1238A95. Excellent compression set resistance. Maximum extrusion resistance and explosive decompression resistant. Applications: Low temperature, high temperature, high pressure, petroleum oils & fuels, H2S.
Perfluorinated Elastomers (FFKM) -15°F +550°F
FF200A75, FF580A75, V8545A75, V8588A90 ParofluorTM. High temp resistant perfluorinated elastomer. Good compression set resistance, extreme chemical resistance and low leachables. Extreme temperatures, chemical mixtures, high concentration H2S, amines, steam, polar fluids, solvents.
Highly Fluorinated Elastomers -15°F +400°F
V3819A75, V8534A90 (HifluorTM). Highly fluorinated material. Lower temperature range, cost-effective alternative to perfluorinated materials. Improved compression set and abrasion resistance. Extrusion resistant version available. Resistant to aggressive chemicals, ketones, amines, acids and bases, polar fluids.
AFLAS®1 TFE -15°F +450°F
V4461A90, V1041A85. Improved compression set resistance. Applications: Amines, H2S, steam, high temperature. Certified to NORSOK M-710. Passes NACE TM0 192-2003 Standard.
Thermoplastic Elastomer Materials -65°F +300°F
Resilon® P4350A90, P4300A90, P4301A90, P4700A90, Molythane® P4615A90. Parker branded improved blends and high performance polyurethanes with improved compression set and rebound properties, waterand extrusion-resistance capabilities. Water resistant Resilon P4301A90 to +225°. High temperature Resilon P4350A90 to +300°F.
Plastic Alloy Materials -65°F +275°F
Polymyte® Z4651D60, Resilon® P4312D60, MolyGard® W4650, Nylatron®2 W4655. High tear strength, abrasionand extrusion-resistant. Excellent resistance to petroleum fluids, many phosphate ester fluids, some chlorinated hydraulic fluids, up to 180°F in water, oxygen, common solvents, ketones, alkalis, dilute bases, mineral acids, weak acids.
PEEK®, UltraCOMPTM Engineered Thermoplastics -65°F +500°F
W4685, W4686, W4738, W4678, W4773. Parker brand of PEEK. Neat, non-filled and filled blends available (carbon, graphite, glass, PTFE).
PTFE -450°F +550°F
0100, 0130, 0201, 0204, 0317, 0318, 0502, 0622, 0901. Virgin & variously filled PTFE (carbon, glass, moly, bronze) blends available depending upon application parameters for wear resistance, abrasion resistance and speed. UHMWPE (0901) for high wear resistance and H2O based media.
Specialty Fillers / Filled Materials
Natural rubbers enhance elongation properties in oilfield rubber products. Neoprene and FKM fiber (non-fabric, fabric) filled elastomers.

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