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Packer Element

Packer Elements

  • Parker’s packer element technology is making that transition possible in a safe and efficient way. The packer element systems are developed to function in both open-hole and cased-hole completion systems. TechSeal manufactures these elements from a variety of oil field grade materials including those for high pressure and high-temperature environments. AST style and custom-designed packer elements are available for order with various backup options.



  • Parker offers all major elastomeric materials. Rubber and metal-reinforced rubber Centralizers are available for a variety of MWD systems. Metal reinforced Centralizers require the rubber component and metal to be bonded together. All Centralizers are custom manufactured, we has the capability to design rubber Centralizers to meet exact tool requirements.

Retainer Rings

Retainer Rings

  • Standard o-rings and seals supplied with tube fittings and adapters are 90 durometer hard nitrile with high extrusion resistance making them suitable for very high pressure static applications
  • Fluorocarbon o-rings and seals are available for higher temperature specifications
  • For applications using different media or higher temperatures, additional O-ring and seal materials are available upon request
  • Broad range of options: O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) tube end, SAE, ISO 6149, metric, BSPP and JIS B2351 port ends, and SAE 4-bolt flange o-rings, as well as metric and BSPP retaining rings and BSPP bonded seals

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