Frac Pump Seals

Frac Pump Seals
Sealing Functions

Today’s frac pumps work longer, withstand higher pressure and move larger volumes of abrasive fluid. To successfully operate a pump more than eight hours a day, you need frac seals that can withstand the long hours and harsh conditions of oil and gas surface completions.

  • Superior Materials
  • Airtight Construction
  • Extended Life
  • Easier Installation
  • Customizable
Well Packing Seal Diagram
Typical Seals

Parker Well Service Packing

Well Service Packings

  • Drop-in replacement soft set
  • No junk ring changes required
  • Same stack height as competitve sets

Homogeneous HNBR Header Ring

  • Parker N4049A90 HNBR compound
  • High-temperature capability
  • PTFE / Silicone coated for extended life
  • Superior resistance to compression set
  • Excellent frac fluid chemical compatibility

Resilon® Pressure Ring

  • Parker P4312D60 Resilon® compound
  • Superior wear resistance to coarse proppant
  • Excellent frac fluid chemical compatibility

Aramid Fiber/HNBR Pressure Ring

  • Parker N2080D60 composite material
  • Tight mesh aramid fiber cloth / HNBR binder
  • High-temperature capability
  • Strongest pressure ring material in the market
  • Excellent frac fluid chemical compatibility
  • Superb wear rsistance to coarse proppant

Lantern Ring

  • Provides an area for lubrication injection

Wiper Ring

  • HNBR Material for superior wear resistance
  • Stabilizing heal lip to prevent rolling

Frac Pump High Deflection Pinion
Frac Pump Pinion Seal
  • Engineered Seal Products' high deflection pinon seal prevents leaks for the life of your frac pump power end

Parker Pony Rod Seal
Parker's Resilon Polyurethane Pony Rod Seals
  • Patent-pending design integrates oil seal & rod wiper into a single component

Suction Discharge Cover Seal
Suction & Discharge Cover Seals
  • Parker’s HGP Profile suction and discharge cover seal provides four times the reliable service life compared to traditional elastomer D-rings. Due to its combination of unique geometry and RESILON 4300 polyurethane material, the HGP Profile resists wear due to abrasive fluid proppant, high pressure, and vibrating motion

Frac Pump Valve Seal
Frac Pump Valve Seal
  • Polyurethane materials with superior properties to increase the service life and prevent downtime in the middle of a frac job

Oil & Gas Seal Materials
Material Selection

Frac Pump Fluid Power End Seals

Other Surface Completions Applications