Selecting a Radial Shaft Seal

Selecting a Radial Shaft Seal

Deciding on the type of radial shaft seal is a challenging process that requires selecting specific seal design characteristics to match the system parameters. The design engineer should organize the potential parameters and prioritize in order of severity and importance. Performing this exercise will help clarify the driving variables of the sealing system.

Start with limiting the lip styles by the type of media you are retaining:  Grease vs. Oil.

Selecting a radial shaft seal profile requires deciding the following:

  1. Lip Type
  2. Case Type
  3. Hydrodynamic-Aid

There are many different radial shaft seal profiles available in the industry. All of these choices can be a challenge to a design engineer who does not know why certain lips and case geometries are used.

For the purposes of design discussion, most case geometries can be paired with a lip style and vise versa. A hydrodynamic aid can be added to the primary lip of most spring loaded lip styles. All three of these design variables need to be considered separately and then combined to form a radial shaft seal profile. Once these design variables have been chosen, a radial shaft seal profile can be selected.

The process of choosing a radial shaft seal to match all of the system parameters is often challenging, and in some cases not possible with standard profile designs. Our Engineering Team has the tools and expertise to help.

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