Simrit/CFW No Spring Single Lip Oil Seals

Technical Data and Features of the NOK Double No Spring Oil Seal

Single Lip Design

This Radial Shaft Seal has a single sealing lip design.

Encased Shaft Seal

This shaft seal is encased in an elastomeric material for use in rougher housing bore finishes. The elastomeric OD will not gall or scratch the housing bore especially where soft alloy materials are used i.e. aluminum. The seal also becomes more compatible where thermal heat expansion of the bore is a problem. The seal is also practical in more corrosive atmospheres such as water because metal case is encapsulated by the elastomer.

Metal OD

Metal can be ground or un-ground. Un-ground is acceptable in most applications. Ground OD is used to ensure closer tolerances.

Double Cage

This seal requires some assembly process. Which will mechanically hold the seal together. The inner metal case is used to protect the main lip and also provides more rigidity to the seal.

Non-spring Loaded Shaft Seal

This radial shaft seal is used for sealing grease or other viscous fluid. Most commonly found in non-critical applications.

Fluid Side Encasement

The fluid side of this radial shaft seal is covered to protect the metal case.

PTFE Sealing Lip

Special PTFE sealing lip for lower friction.


Type VB/B1OF Oil Seal

Metal O.D. with fluid side rubber covered. Most commonly used for sealing grease or other viscous fluids or as dust excluder.

Single Lip Metal OD Non-Spring Fluid Side ENC


Metal OD, Single PTFE Lip, Dual Case Oil Seal, No Spring

Metal O.D. design with an inner case for greater structural rigidity. PTFE lip required for difficult sealing applications.

Single Lip Non-Spring Metal OD Double Cage PTFE


Rubber OD, Single Lip Oil Seal, No Spring

Economic design for grease or viscous fluid retention or as a dust excluder, Rubber OD, No Spring, Single Lip. Mainly used in low-duty applications.

Single Lip Non-Spring Encased