Shelfware RFID Vendor Managed Inventory

Shelfware RFID VMI
A Data-Driven Intelligent Vendor Managed Inventory Platform
  • 24/7 Real-Time Visibility
  • Lean Inventory
  • No Stock-Outs
  • Save Money & Time
Automate Purchase Order Entry

The system collects inventory consumption data used to generate POs.

Eliminate PO Management

The system will automate & virtually eliminate purchase order maintenance. ESP intelligently stocks inventory based on consumption data analytics. The system then triggers reorders only as inventory is consumed, an automated, RFID powered, JIT system.

Automate Restocking Levels

The data analytics right-size every inventory SKU matching your inventory levels to your consumption. Your inventory flexes with your cycles maximizing turns while preventing stock-outs.

No Physical Audits or Lost Parts

No need for traditional, labor-intensive audits. Audits can be completed in minutes. You can also locate missing items by “pinging” the lost RFID.

Seamless Integration with your ERP (3 Options)
  1. Deliver an importable data file that would allow the creation of a PO inside your ERP with a few clicks of a mouse.
  2. Operate through an API (Application Programing Interface)
  3. You could change your seal spend to an un-costed item, dumping the purchase cost of seals into an expense account basically negates the need to create an item specific PO.

It's as simple as print, place, & ship.

  1. RFID Printer Installed – It takes just minutes (provided by ESP)
  2. Generate Shipping Documents – Data files to create documents like sales orders, pick tickets, and packing lists.
  3. Place RFID Labels
  4. Scan & Ship