Parker VX065-75 Low Temp FKM

Parker VX065-75
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Parker VX065-75 Extreme Low Temp Seals

Meeting the Industry Need for -65°F Sealing

Facing the demanding requirements of the aerospace, oil and gas, and power generation industry, VX065-75 delivers the extreme low-temperature performance. With outstanding compression set resistance, it significantly extends seal life in low-temperature fuel applications where traditionally only fluorosilicone could be used.


Product Features

  • Wide Temperature Range: -65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C)
  • Excellent Compression Set Resistance
  • Extreme Low Temperature Performance
  • 75 Shore A Durometer
  • Excellent Jet Fuel Compatibility
  • Excellent HTS Oil Compatibility
  • FKM Durability
Extreme Low Temperature
  • The typical fluorocarbon loses resiliency around 15°F below the TR-10 temperature. With a TR-10 value of -50°F, VX065-75 is reliable for -65°F sealing needs.
Outstanding Compression Set Resistance
  • VX065-75 offers dependable compression set resistance under engine applications up to 400°F. Data demonstrates best in class compression set after short and long term exposure.

Compression Set and Elastomer Properties Charts


VX065-75 provides both the high-temperature stability of an FKM and the low-temperature resilience of a fluorosilicone while delivering a robust sealing solution for fuel, turbine oil and hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluid environments. This makes VX065-75 the distinct solution when looking to extend the life of fluorosilicone or low-temperature nitrile materials. It also provides best in class FKM compression set resistance, making it a great choice for applications where A-type and GLT-type FKMs are used while improving the low-temperature resiliency.

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