Freudenberg Ethylene Propylene (EPM, EPDM) Compounds

Freudenberg Ethylene Propylene (EP, EPM, EPDM) Material Description:

EPDM seals exhibit good chemical resistance in hot water, steam, acids and alkaline solutions. They are very well suited for use in all polar media and therefore also in CIP/SIP media. CIP media are diluted acids or alkaline solutions with cleaning additives. In SIP media, disinfectants, steam or oxidizing media (e.g. peracetic acid) or polar organic solvents (e.g. acetic acid) are used.

EPDM is of limited use in products containing fats or oils. While it can be used well at low temperatures in dairy products with a fat content of up to 70%, it cannot be used in pure fats, oils or non-polar solvents.

EPDM contains no plasticizers and other potential extractable ingredients and therefore displays negligible amounts of extract in the extractables study. Thus, the materials EPDM 291 and EPDM 253815 can be recommended for use in the manufacture of medical products.

Freudenberg Seal Distributor

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Freudenberg (EPDM) Suitable Areas of Application:
  • Hot water and steam (on a sustained basis up to +180 °C (+356 °F)
  • Acids (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and phosphoric acid)
  • Alkaline solutions (sodium hydroxide solution, potassium hydroxide solution)
  • Polar organic solvents
  • CIP/SIP media for continuous operation plants

Freudenberg Ethylene Propylene (EP, EPM, EPDM) O-Rings Compounds:

Compound Number Datasheet Hardness (Shore A) Low Temp High Temp Color Products
60 EPDM 290 PDF 65 +- 5 -40 150 Black Diaphragms
70 EPDM 291 PDF 75 +- 5 -40 150 Black Clamp seals, Diaphragms, Hygienic Usit®, Molded parts, O-Rings, CNC machined
70 EPDM 391 PDF 70 +- 5 -40 150 SBlack Profiles, Cords
85 EPDM 292 PDF 85 +- 5 -40 150 Black Molded parts, O-Rings, CNC machined
85 EPDM 302 PDF 85 +- 5 -40 150 Black Molded parts
75 EPDM 253356 PDF 75 +- 5 -30 140 Black Molded parts
70 EPDM 253815 PDF 70 +- 5 -40 150 White Clamp seals, Molded parts, O-Rings, Hygienic Usit®
70 EPDM 217676 PDF 70 +- 5 -40 150 Blue Hygienic Usit®
60 EPDM 334 PDF 60 +- 5 -- -- Black Molded parts
70 EPDM 331 PDF 75 +- 5 -40 150 Black O-Rings
70 EPDM 335 PDF 70 +- 5 -40 150 Black Molded parts
85 EPDM 332 -- 85 +- 5 -- -- Black O-Rings

ASTM Designation
Shelf Life
25 Years
Hardness (Shore A) Range
60 - 85

Temperature ranges will apply to the majority of media for which the material is potentially recommended. With some media however, the service temperature range may be significantly different. ALWAYS TEST UNDER ACUTAL SERVICE CONDITIONS.

ESP’s shelf life recommendation is based on the ARP 5316 standard and intended to be utilized by those organizations who do not already have specific recommendations for the control of elastomeric seals. It should be noted that the packaging of the elastomeric seals prior to assembly into a product is an integral part of the controlled storage procedure. It provides a positive means of product identity from the time of manufacture, to the time of assembly.