Parker N1499 O-Rings

Parker N1499 O-Rings

Not all o-rings are created equal.

A hydraulics valve and cylinder manufacturer was looking for an alternative material to realize cost savings without giving up the integrity and performance in their o-ring applications. 70 Durometer nitrile is a common material and available from many sources all over the world. Their preferred material was the Parker N674 industry staple. A domestic compound that has performed well but at a higher cost than many globally produced options. After consideration of several low cost global compound alternatives the Parker N1499 presented a significant cost savings while maintaining the integrity and performance of the elastomer. Also approved by several major equipment manufacturers the 1499 material offers good compression set resistance, performs well in a variety of oils and offers, and is becoming the new standard for hydraulic applications suitable for nitrile materials.

ESP International offers and supports the Parker materials to our multi-national customers all over the globe. With locations in Chennai, India; Shenzhen and Ningbo, China; and Taiwan you can count on the consistency and reliability of known approved materials being supplied to all manufacturing locations with reduced logistic cost, conformity assurance and reliability you’ve come to depend from ESP International wherever you produce in the world.

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