Lathe Cut Seals

A lathe cut seal or square ring is a circular sealing device made with a square or rectangular shaped cross section. Available in a wide variety of elastomeric compounds, the Lathe Cut is engineered to be fully equivalent to the O-ring for use in most static applications. Generally, a Lathe Cut is used as a direct replacement for an O-ring or other squeeze-type molded seal.

A Lathe Cut Seal is manufactured from a cylindrical tube of rubber which is compounded to match required specifications. Through a curing process and stone grinding on a lathe, the inside (ID) and outside (OD) diameters are achieved. The desired thickness is achieved on the lathe by a knife cutting process. All of these seals are classified by their unique cross-sections including: Square, Rectangle, Chamfered, Angular, V-Groove, Tube, Gasket Cut and Cylindrical Cut, of which we offer a wide variety.

Lathe Cut Seal Cross Sectional Views:

Lathe Cuts