Fluorocarbon (FKM) O-Rings

Fluorocarbon (FKM) O-Rings

Temperature Range:Fluorocarbon (FKM) Molecular Structure

-13°F (-25°C) to 446°F (230°C)

Hardness (Shore A) Range:

55 to 90

Also Know As:

Viton®, Dai-el®, Fluorel®, Tecnoflon®





Shelf Life:



Fluorine is added to thermoset elastomers creating Fluoroelastomers. It?s generally composed of vinylidene fluoride (VF2), hexafluoropropylene (HFP), containing 66% ? 70% fluorine. And other components are added to improve different properties, like tetrafluoroethylene, which offers better chemical resistance and perfluoromethylvinyl ether (PMVE) which improves FKM?s low temperature properties.


Excellent resistance to chemicals, oil, ozone and sunlight. Can be used in petroleum oils and fuel, non flammable hydraulic fuels, acids, aircraft engine applications, synthetic hydraulic fluids, organic solvents, mineral and vegetable oil and grease, aliphatic hydrocarbons (butane, propane, natural gas), hard vacuum applications, silicone oils and greases, solvents and water or steam (up to 400°F).


Cannot be used in amines, glycol based brake fluids, methanol, ammonia gas, amines, alkalis, hydrocarbons, ketones, low molecular weight esters and ethers, fireproof hydraulic fluids, formic and acetic acids.

Fluorocarbon (FKM) Parker Compounds

Compound #:Recommended For:Temperature Range:Color:
V0986-50General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBrown
V0763-60General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBrown
V0769-60General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBlack
VA150-65 (19356) General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBlack
V0680-70FDA, USDA, NSF 51-15°F to 400°FRed
V0747-75AMS-R-83248, TY I, CL I, UL listed-15°F to 400°FBlack
V0848-75PTFE Loaded-15°F to 400°FBlack
V0884-75General Purpose, UL listed-15°F to 400°FBrown
V1164-75Low Set, AMS 7276, AMS-R-83248, TY I, CL I -15°F to 400°FBlack
V1226-75Low Set, AMS 7276, UL listed, AMS-R-83248, TY I, CL I-15°F to 400°FBrown
V1436-75General Purpose, UL Listed-15°F to 400°FBlack
V1475-75General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBlack
V1476-75General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBrown
VA151-75 (19357)General Purpose, UL Listed-15°F to 400°FBlack
VA203-75 (16737)Extrusion Resistant, Diesel Fuel Injectors-15°F to 400°FBlack
VM100-75Low Compression Set, AMS 7276-15°F to 400°FBlack
VW153-75 (16207)General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBrown
VW173-75 (19457)Automotive Applications-15°F to 400°FGreen
VA163-80 (19318)Internally Lubed-15°F to 400°FBlack
V0709-90AMS-R-83248, TY I, Cl II, AMS 7259-15°F to 400°FBlack
V0894-90General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBrown
V1411-90General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBlack
V1412-90General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBrown
VA153-90 (19359)General Purpose-15°F to 400°FBlack
VW155-90 (16129)General Purpose-15°F to 400°FGreen
V1238-95Extrusion Resistant, Explosive Decompression Resistant-15°F to 400°FBlack
V1262-65Low Swell-Flex Fuel Blends, UL listed-15°F to 400°FBlack
VW252-65Low Swell-15°F to 400°FGreen
VB185-70Acid Resistant, Steam-15°F to 400°FBlack
16327-75Automotive Fuel, Good Permeation Resistance-15°F to 400°FGreen
V1163-75"GFLT" Type, UL Listed-35°F to 400°FBlack
V1260-75Very Chemically Resistant-15°F to 400°FBlack
V1263-75Low Swell, Flex Fuel Blends, UL Listed-15°F to 400°FBlack
V1289-75AMS 7379, Extreme Low Temp (-40 TR-10)-55°F to 400°FBlack
VB153-75Good Compression Set, Fuels-15°F to 400°FBlack
VG162-75Good Fuel Resistance, "GF" Type-15°F to 400°FBlack
VW263-75Bio diesel Resistant-15°F to 400°FBrown
V1274-80USP Class VI, ISO 10993, Low Swell-15°F to 400°FBlack
VG286-80Fuel Injectors, Good Methanol & Bio diesel Resistance-45°F to 400°FBlack
VP104-85Base Resistant10°F to 400°FBlack
V1163-75"GFLT" Type, UL Listed-35°F to 400°FBlack
VG292-75Engine Coolant & Bio diesel Resistant-40°F to 400°FBlack
VM125-75"GLT" Type, AMS-R-83485, AMS 7287, Low Set-40°F to 400°FBlack
VM128-75"GLT" Type, AMS-R-83485-40°F to 400°FBlack
VM835-75“GLT Type”, AMS-R-83485-40°F to 400°FBlack
VG286-80Fuel Injectors, Good Methanol & Bio diesel Resistance -45°F to 400°FBlack
V1289-75AMS 7379, Good Methanol Resistance-55°F to 400°FBlack
VX065-75Extreme Low Temperature, Low Com. Set-65°F to 400°FBlack
VG109-90ISO 23936 RGD & Extrusion Resistant, High Pressure CNG Applications-45°F to 400°FBlack
VX165-90Extreme Low Temperature, Low Comp. Set-55°F to 400°FBlack

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