Ethylene Propylene (EPM, EPDM) O-Rings

Ethylene Propylene (EPM, EPDM) O-Rings

Temperature Range:Ethylene Propylene Molecular Structure

-40°F (-21°C) to 300°F (177°C)

Hardness (Shore A) Range:

40 to 95

Also Know As:

Epsyn®, Nordel®, Epcar®, Keltan®, Royalene®, Polysar-EDM®





Shelf Life:



Ethylene propylene diene monomer is also known as EPDM, the E stands for ethylene, P for propylene, D for Diene and M for monomer. The ethylene content is typically around 45% to 75% for the EPDM.


Can be used in water and steam (up to 300°F), glycol based brake fluids, silicone-based break fluids, many organic and inorganic acids, cleaning agents, sodium and potassium alkalis, phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids, silicone oil and grease, alcohols, ketones, esters and ozone.


Cannot be used with mineral oil products like oils, greases and fuels.

Parker Polychloroprene, Neoprene® Compounds

Compound #:Recommended For:Temperature Range:Color:
E1100-50General Purpose-70°F to 250°FBlack
EA454-50 (3575)UL Listed-70°F to 250°FBlack
E1157-60General Purpose-70°F to 250°FBlack
E1561-60NSF 61, KTW, WRAS-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0751-65Drive Belt Applications-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0603-70General Purpose-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0667-70Auto Disc Brakes-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0803-70General Purpose-70°F to 250°FBlack
E1022-70Internally Lubed, Brakes-70°F to 250°FBlack
E1028-70 FDA-70°F to 250°FBlack
E1244-70NSF 61, Internally Lubed-70°F to 250°FBlack
E1549-70NSF 61, WRAS, KTW, FDA-70°F to 250°FBlack
E1583-70 NSF 51, NSF 61, Internally Lubed-70°F to 250°FBlack
E3609-70 NSF 51, NSF 61, WRAS, KTW, FDA, USP Class VI -70°F to 250°FBlack
EB152-70 (3407)General Purpose-70°F to 250°FBlack
EJ273-70 Chloramine Resistant-70°F to 250°FBlack
EJ274-70Internally lubed, NSF 61 Chloramine Resistant-70°F to 250°FBlack
E3609-70NSF 51 & 61, WRAS, FDA, USP Class VI, ISO 10993 USP <87>-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0740-75Nuclear Applications-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0515-80NAS 1613 Rev 2-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0540-80General Purpose-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0893-80General Purpose-70°F to 250°FPurple
E1267-80NAS 1613 Rev 5-70°F to 250°FBlack
E0652-90General Purpose, Back-Up Rings-60°F to 250°FBlack
E0962-90Excellent Steam to 500° F, ED Resistant-60°F to 250°FBlack

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