Fuel Pump Assembly

Fuel Pump Assembly

When it just has to be right!fuel7


  • High Level Poka-yoke
  • Electronic Work Instructions
  • Flip Station
  • Pick Lights


Fuel Pump for a 13.5 Liter Tier 4 diesel tractor engine. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adopted its long expected landmark diesel emission regulation—the final Tier 4 emission standards and diesel fuel rule for new non-road diesel engines.


Costly assembly containing highly engineered components. Any non-conforming product would have a significant commercial impact.

ESP Proposal

ESP Engineering would create a high level, dedicated Poka-Yoke station. This fixture would limit operator han-dling, minimize potential errors and in-tegrate data traceability. The intent is to have any associate put together an error free assembly.


ESP Engineering worked with the customer and component suppliers to design and develop an assembly station.

The final design contains a number of error proofing features including: DC torque control, Tool tray, Pick bins, bar code scanner and electronic work instructions.


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