Features Of Radial Shaft Seals

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Andrew Rommann
Andrew Rommann


Rotary shaft seals, also known as lip seals, are used to seal rotary elements. Deciding on the type of radial shaft seal is a challenging process that requires selecting specific seal design characteristics to match the system parameters.

Today let’s dive into the basics; the components and materials that make these complex seals.

Features Of Radial Shaft Seals

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RSS Features

Going to talk today about features of radial shaft seals. A radial shaft seal is a component typically employed to seal in fluids and seal out contaminants in a dynamic application. Typical features include:

  • the main sealing lip
  • a metal stamping that serves as a substrate for the elastomer to be bonded to and also provides rigidity to the component when it’s installed in the application
  • a garter spring on the main sealing lip that supplements the elastomer and the radial sealing force
  • sometimes we employ what’s known as adust lip to keep out light contaminants that may try to ingress into the application.


RSS Orientation

A radial shaft seal is typically installed in this orientation with the main sealing lip facing inward towards the oil or the fluid being sealed in.

It’s installed in the stationary bore as a press-fit and it has the main lip and the dust lip engaging the rotating shaft.


RSS Materials

Some of the major considerations to make for selection of material include the temperature, the speed, the fluid, and the pressure of the application you are being sealed in.

The most important thing to remember is you need to understand all of the parameters of your application when requesting or working with an engineer to provide a recommendation for the proper radial shaft seal for the application. There are a wide variety of materials, profiles, and other parameters that can be adjusted to customize a radial shaft seal for your application.