Oil Cooler

Mistake Proof Leak Testing Built into the Fixtures

Oil Cooler Full


  • Dual Cavity Leak Testing
  • One Pick Assembly
  • Rotational/Linear Fixture Design
  • Rapid Equilibrium—15 sec


Oil Cooler for a 13.5 Liter Tier 4 diesel tractor engine. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adopted its long expected landmark diesel emission regulation—the final Tier 4 emission standards and diesel fuel rule for new non-road diesel engines.


Customer wanted to integrate two sub assemblies into a single dual cavity assembly. The cavities separate oil from water and any leaks would be problematic.

ESP Proposal

ESP Engineering would create a dedicated assembly and dual cavity leak testing fixture. The station would be a single pick design due to the 150lb weight of the final assembly.


ESP Engineering worked with our customer’s Engineering group to develop an assembly station. The station fixtures the assembly, rotating for 14 DC gun controlled torques. After the torque sequences the fixture shuttles into a second position for dual cavity leak testing, eliminating addition picking steps.