Fuel Pump Assembly

When it just has to be right!



  • High Level Poka-yoke
  • Electronic Work Instructions
  • Flip Station
  • Pick Lights


Fuel Pump for a 13.5 Liter Tier 4 diesel tractor engine. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adopted its long expected landmark diesel emission regulation—the final Tier 4 emission standards and diesel fuel rule for new non-road diesel engines.

Fuel Pump Side Rotated


Costly assembly containing highly engineered components. Any non-conforming product would have a significant commercial impact.

ESP Proposal

ESP Engineering would create a high level, dedicated Poka-Yoke station. This fixture would limit operator handling, minimize potential errors and integrate data traceability- resulting in error-free assembly.


ESP Engineering worked with the customer and component suppliers to design and develop an assembly station.

The final design contains a number of error-proofing features including: DC torque control, tool tray, pick bins, bar code scanner and electronic work instructions.

Closeup Fixture