Custom Modification for Tough Ingression


  • Customized KSLY Design For A Grease Purgeable Sealing System
  • Improved Performance Of Contamination Control
  • Fit as a Direct Replacement


Wheel hub grease bearings for rotary cutters.


A leading manufacturer of rotary cutters for highway right of way maintenance approached ESP with a problem they were having with their products in Florida. In some areas, the rotary cutters were operating where there was a lot of sand in and on top of the soil. The sand was working its way into the wheel hubs through the traditional triple lip grease seal damaging the bearing and causing premature failure of the wheel hubs. The failure resulted in significant warranty claims. ESP had previously developed a line of KSLY profile grease seals to battle dirt ingression in farm tillage applications. Those were a tremendous success so it was known that it was a proven product that could solve the sand ingression problem on the rotary cutters. The only catch was the customer preferred to have a seal that was grease purgeable and the KSLY’s were not designed to be able to purge the grease.

ESP Proposal

ESP engineering would modify the KSLY seal, which had proven results, and design a purgeable version.


ESP engineering modified the design of the KSLY profile to allow it to purge grease thus satisfying the requirements of the customer. Another objective of the customer was to have the seal be retrofit able to previously built cutters. The custom design of the new seal was made to fit as a direct replacement for the old seals on units in the field with no modifications needed