Glossary W

Glossary W

Washer, Bonded:
A flat, metal, washer-type ring which has been molded in place in the elastomeric material forming one of the sealing elements.

A minute amount of liquid leakage by a seal.

A formation of a continuous film of a liquid on a surface.

Width, Case:
The total axial width of the seal case.

Width, Contact:
The width of the lip contact area of a radial lip seal, measured in the axial direction.

Width, Helix Contact:
The axial width of that portion of the contact surface of a helix seal which is formed by the helical ribs. It is equal to the total axial width of the contact surface minus the width of the static lip.

Width, Helix Seal Rib:
The maximum width of a helical rib measured perpendicular to the rib’s longitudinal axis.

Width, Static Lip Contact:
The axial width of the contact surface developed by a static lip.

Wind-Up, Spring:
The tendency of a garter spring with its ends assembled together to deform from a flat surface. Excessive spring wind-up results in the spring forming a “figure 8” configuration.

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