Glossary T

Glossary T

The removal or separation of a portion of the sealing element.

Tear Resistance:
The property of an elastomeric material to resist tearing forces.

Tensile Strength, Ultimate:
The force per unit of original cross-sectional area at the moment of a specimen rupture.

Tension, Initial Spring:
The “preload” that has been wound into the coils of a spring during the coiling operation.

Test, Accelerated Life:
Any set of test conditions designed to reproduce in a short time the effects obtained under service conditions.

Test, Bench:
A laboratory test in which the functional operating conditions are approximated, but the equipment is conventional laboratory equipment and not necessarily identical with that in which the product will be used.

Test, Field:
A test performed in the actual environment in which the product will be used.

Test, Flex:
A laboratory method used to evaluate the resistance of a material to repeated bending.

Test, Life:
A laboratory procedure used to determine that period of operation which a component or assembly will operate until it no longer performs its intended function.

Texture, Shaft Surface:
A term used to describe the quality, appearance, or characteristic of the shaft surface resulting from operations, such a grinding, polishing, burnishing and so on.

Thickness, Film:
In a dynamic seal, the distance separating the two surfaces which form the primary seal.

The removal of the superfluous parts from a molded product, usually removal of parting line flash or feed sprues.

Trim, Crooked:
See Slant, Seal.

Trim, Rough:
Irregularities on the outside and inside lip surfaces in the immediate vicinity of the contact line.

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