Glossary I

Glossary I

Foreign matter included in the seal material.

Incomplete Trim:
A trimmed surface which does not have all designated material removed.

Index, Spring:
The ratio of the mean coil diameter to the wire diameter of a garter spring to exclude contaminants

Insert, Lip:
A material such as PTFE bonded onto a lip of an elastomeric seal to provide improved experiences the closest approach and effects the primary seal.

The region between the static and dynamic sealing surfaces in which there is contact, or which experiences the closest approach and effects the primary seal.

Interference, Lip:
See Interference, Seal.

Interference, Seal:
The difference between the seal lip and shaft diameters.

International Rubber Hardness Degrees (IRHD):
A standard unit used to indicate the relative hardness of elastomeric materials, where zero represents a material having a Young’s modulus of zero, and 100 represents a material of infinite Young’s modulus.

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