Rear Bumper

Rear Bumper

Better Part – Lower Costrear-bumper-full


  • Reduction in internal labor
  • 2.5 kg weight savings
  • ESP design assistance


OEM customer currently had a weldment for the rear bumper support on a performance ATV. The bumper protected the exhaust system from damage in a rear end collision.


Customer designed a casting to replace the current weldment and approached ESP to analyze this part for cost and weight reduction.

ESP Proposal

ESP Engineering identified areas to eliminate wasted material. The customer took advantage of ESP Engineering’s expertise and suggested designing more features into the rear bumper support for additional value. The focus of the design shifted to weight reduction. Design iterations resulted in a lighter weight alternative.


ESP Engineering proposed new design where extra material was eliminated and functional integrity was retained. Customer was pleased with the weight savings, aesthetic design, low cost, and functional structure.

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