Multi-layer Material

Multi-layer Material

gasket case study

Eliminate In-line Air Leak Failures with Multi-layer Material


  • Thermoseal’s Multi-layer Technology materials provided both exceptional interfacial and interstitial sealability.
  • Conformable outer layers prevented leakage between the gasket and flanges.
  • Strong high density core provided structural support while preventing leakage through the gasket.


Multi-layer gasket between the flanges of a motorcycle engine.


Interfacial leakage (leakage between the gasket and flanges). Traditional compressed sheet gasket materials have a long history of success in OEM applications. However, as engines have become more powerful, and all types of equipment have become lighter and often hotter, flanged joint designs often produce lower or uneven clamping loads. In addition, flange thicknesses are often reduced providing potentially shorter leak paths to the outside of a sealed component.

ESP Proposal

ESP would use the Thermoseal Multi-Layer Technology materials to provide exceptional sealability suitable for lower or uneven clamping loads.


ESP prevented interfacial leakage by using Thermoseal Multi-Layer Technology materials. Tailored to match the application requirements.

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