Inch Size List

Inch Size List

inch-size-list-picRadial Shaft Seal Part Numbering SystemRadial shaft seals are manufactured in a large range of sizes and styles. To expedite the ordering process a straightforward part numbering system has been developed. Following is a detailed description of this system.

The part number is composed of the seal profile, shaft diameter, bore diameter, width of seal, O.D. treatment (O.D.T.), lip material, case material and spring material. Below is a representation of how the part number is assembled.


Profile: Selected from Profile Matrix (e.g. TB2, UB2)
Shaft: The diameter of shaft where the seal will operate
Bore: The diameter of bore where the seal will operate
Width: The width of the seal case
O.D.T.: Outside Diameter Treatment
– : O.D. sealant (standard)
G : Ground O.D.
(Sealant and Ground only an option on metal O.D. radial shaft seals)
Lip: Material of primary sealing element
N : Nitrile
T : Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)
F : Fluorocarbon (Viton)
P : Polyacrylate
S : Silicone
E : Ethylene Propylene (EPDM)
H : High Temperature Nitrile
X : Carboxylated Nitrile
Case: Case material
C : Carbon steel (1008-1010)
S : Stainless steel (30304)
Spring: Spring material
C : Carbon steel (1070-1090)
S : Stainless steel (30304)


Typical Part Number


— This is profile TB2 for a 0.875” shaft, 1.375” bore and 0.313” width with O.D. sealant, nitrile primary sealing lip, carbon steel case and carbon steel spring.

Ground O.D.


— This is profile SA2 for a 2.250” shaft, 3.251” bore, and 0.375” width with a ground O.D., polyacrylate primary sealing lip, stainless steel case, and stainless steel spring.

Hydrodynamic Aid


An “H” is placed in front of the profile designation when a hydrodynamic aid is molded into the lip. The design of the hydrodynamic aid (see Hydrodynamic Aids) immediately follows the profile designation.

— This is profile SCJ with type “R” hydrodynamic aid for a 1.250” shaft, 2.250” bore, and 0.250” width. The seal has a carboxylated nitrile primary sealing lip, carbon steel case and stainless steel spring.

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