Improved Contamination Control

Improved Contamination Control


  • ESP In-house Engineering for Design Recommendations & Testing
  • Improved Performance of Contamination Control
  • Provided the Customer a Competitive Advantage In Their Marketplace Through Extended Seal Life by a Factor of 3


Wheel hub grease bearings for agriculture implements.


The engineering managers of an agriculture implement company approached ESP with a problem. They were experiencing premature failures of their wheel hubs due to dirt ingression. The old industry standard triple lip grease seal worked but failed prematurely if the farmer wasn’t greasing the application daily. It also failed in certain soils and couldn’t prevent ingression of contaminants. The engineering manager contacted ESP because he knew they were able to provide design recommendations, prove them through dirt slurry testing and meet critical launch timeliness.

ESP Proposal

ESP would recommend a new seal design with a rapid tooling launch, provide lab testing, and field test support.


Testing and field performance has proven that utilization of ESP’s KSLY radial shaft seal improved performance of contamination control and life by a factor of 3. This gives the implement manufacturer a competitive advantage in their marketplace and fulfils a key customer improvement request.

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