Control Box

Redesigned for Performance and Efficient Assembly


  • Integral Stops / Features
  • Cost Effective Design
  • Weight Reduction


Three point hitch draft control sys-tem on a mid-size utility tractor. Depending on the draft of an imple-ment the system will adjust the hitch to minimize shifting during field work.


Customer wanted the draft assembly supplied complete as a sub-assembly. The current design used an investment cast steel housing that had solid side walls. The current assembly took 45 minutes and was difficult to assembly.

ESP Proposal

Change the investment casting to an aluminum die casting and add an access hole in the side wall for assembly. Multiple features would be integrated in the casting to minimizing cost.


ESP Engineering proposed a multiple slide design reducing machining setups. An access hole was added in the side wall reducing assembly time from 45 to 15 minutes. The design also integrated internal stops eliminated components and simplifying the assembly process.

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